November meeting with Michael Reardon

The Domes of San Marco
Toscana 16 and The Domes of San Marco 

Our guest artist for our November meeting is an award-winning watercolor artist, Michael Reardon, who will share some of his favorite watercolor painting tips and techniques. Join us on Tuesday, November 8th (1-3pm) at the Concord Library. The meeting is free and open to the public.

As described in his bio on his website, "Michael uses watercolor to record his observations, convey a sense of place and light, and communicate his impressions of the built, the natural, and the imagined worlds."

Berkeley Marina
Berkeley Marina

When he's not painting in his Oakland studio, he exhibits and teaches all around the world. You can even join him for a painting excursion in the Provence region of France in September 2017.

michael reardon artist
Over the Ridge and After the Rain

We'll be raffling off a signed copy of his new Watercolor Techniques book at the meeting - tickets are just $1 each, which benefit CAA programs. If you don't win, don't worry - you can buy your own signed copy from him at the meeting!

michael reardon artist


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