February Guest Artist - Keri Luiz

Join us on Tuesday, February 9th at the Concord Library, 1-3pm. The public is welcome!

Our guest artist for our next meeting is Keri Luiz. She will talk about her exploration with ink through the Inktober Challenge, a global event that takes place online every October, where artists create a new ink drawing or painting each day and share it on social media.

Keri will also discuss and demonstrate some tools and techniques for working with ink and combining it with other mediums. 

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and find her on Twitter and Instagram under PhoenyxArts.

koi ink drawings keri luiz concord art association

"My artistic journey has been about exploring different mediums. Sometimes that desire to explore gets me into trouble…I find it hard to settle down on just one technique or medium. I want to learn them all!
I have been creating since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My desire to be creative got me into a lot of trouble when I was a child…modifying things with scissors that should have been left alone, decorating things with nail polish. I caused my mother a lot of grief!
Through school I kept drawing, doodling, creating. High school was bearable because of Mr. Wong’s art class. He challenged me to explore different mediums. I earned my BFA in graphic design, and worked in the publishing industry for most of my career. Graphic design can be confining at times, especially when you want to be more hands-on with what you create, rather than relying on the computer for all of the output. I needed creative release that didn’t involve sitting in front of a monitor for hours on end, so I started exploring metal sculpture, jewelry-making, and pinstriping with acrylics and inks.
Currently I'm a gallery artist at Gallerie Renee Marie in Benicia, and I work as an independent jewelry maker, graphic designer and artist at large."