Creating texture in watercolor paintings

concord art manon jodoin painting

This textural, abstract watercolor landscape is a composition of so many different techniques, which our member artist Manon Jodoin demonstrated for us in our February meeting.

concord art manon jodoin

Working on top of a sheet of glass or plexi, she wets both sides of her watercolor paper. The moisture helps to blend the colors and also keeps the paper flat so it doesn't move while she's painting.

concord art manon jodoin demo

Next she loosely brushes colors across the paper. Before she started, Manon had drawn a little flower in the corner with masking fluid as a resist.

concord art manon jodoin demo

concord art manon jodoin demo

Once her background colors are done (but still very wet), she randomly places small pieces of wax paper, which will change how the color dries underneath.

concord art manon jodoin demo

She adds a layer of medical gauze and brushes it down.

concord art manon jodoin demo

After brushing a tree trunk on the side, she sprinkles some rock salt near the top and lays wrinkled plastic wrap across the bottom.  Each technique adds unique texture to the background to mimic water, rocks, grass, etc. After leaving this to dry for several hours, she will gently peel all the wax paper, gauze and plastic away to reveal a very creative background - then she paints and scratches whatever she likes in the foreground. Beautiful!


February Mini Art Show

concord art association bev kenyon
1st place:  Hawaiian Plant by Bev Kenyon - watercolor

concord art association farhana naqvi
2nd place:  Color Cluster by Farhana Naqvi - oil

concord art association betty mcbride
3rd place:  Somebody's Grandpa by Betty McBride - pen & ink

concord art association renaye johnson
Citrus by Renaye Johnson - acrylic


February guest artist demo - watercolor textures

Join us for our next member meeting on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at the Concord Library, 1-3pm. The public is welcome - you won't want to miss our guest artist demo! Manon Jodoin will show us her favorite techniques for adding texture and building layers in watercolor landscapes and abstracts.

From Manon's website:
I love to create atmospheric, magical and poetic images. I have no pretensions of realism. For now, I am interested in the creation of experimental landscapes, abstracts and human figures. The creative process that I use allows me great freedom, while subjecting me to unexpected results. I love to experiment with different mediums and techniques, but I use mostly watercolors. Even if I wear a lot of black and my house is decorated mostly in white, I still love color. I want to translate positive thinking with vivid colors and forms. I think we all need some light, joy and poetry in our lives.

We are meeting on the FIRST Tuesday this month (instead of the usual second Tuesday) so you can keep Valentine's Day open for spending time with your sweeties. See you soon!


Playing with beeswax

concord art lorrimarie jenkins

At our January meeting, we were treated to an amazing demo from LorriMarie Jenkins that featured her unique art of dipping vintage baby dresses into beeswax.

concord art bees wax dipping

She also showed us how to dip collage on canvas board. First she brushed it with wax, then after it dried, she used a heat gun to clear excess wax away from certain highlight areas or force it to drip down for texture. When she was happy with the sheen and the wax was dry again, she buffed it with a cotton cloth.

concord art lorriemarie jenkins

Several of us got to dip smaller pieces, like a doll dress - we used wood skewers to arrange the fabric while it sits in the hot wax, then after lifting it out, we had to quickly adjust it and "blossom" the fabric while it dried on the skewers.

sandi sherwood lorrimarie jenkins

concord art cathy mcnutt photo collage

LorriMarie likes to use the Costco green tea bags to embed photos in the wax and attach to her dipped dresses. You can only use laser-printed photos - inkjet-printed images will not work because the colors will melt into each other. So much fun!


Art at Ygnacio Valley Library

Concord Art Association member art
Photographs by Kim Lawson

The Ygnacio Valley Library in Walnut Creek is one of several venues in our Rotating Art Gallery program. Every three months, new work from five member artists are featured above the books.

Join us here for our first Artist Reception of the year - meet, mingle and make new friends. Bring the family to check out some new books, too!

Thursday, February 16, 2017
6:00 - 7:30pm
Ygnacio Valley Library
2661 Oak Grove Rd., Walnut Creek
Refreshments will be served

Concord Art Association member art
Paintings by Rashmi Rajesh


January mini art show

Barn in Winter by Bev Haggerty  (watercolor)

manon jodoin concord art association
Frog Mountain by Manon Jodoin  (watercolor)

Sheba's Holiday by Renaye Johnson  (acrylic)


Beeswax and a vintage dress - mixed media with LorriMarie Jenkins

lorrimarie jenkins mixed media

Join us on Tuesday, January 10th (1-3pm) at the Concord Library for a very creative demonstration by mixed media artist, LorriMarie Jenkins. She will show us how to dip fabric and other objects or surfaces into beeswax to create captivating work.

From LorriMarie's blog:
I love to share my ideas with others...I cannot get enough play time...I love textures and colors of all sorts...and I am constantly learning from others! I am the proud mother of four boys and the even prouder grandmother of four grandbabies...my life is full of creativity that is inspired by others and I am grateful to my God for the ideas given to me daily...I am just trying to keep up! I am a full-time artist and teacher of mixed media art. I am loving life!
Our monthly meetings are always open to the public - join us!

lorrimarie jenkins concord art association


The art of flowers

concord art flower arranging

At our December meeting, we enjoyed learning how to creatively arrange flowers with Phyllis Brady, one of our member artists who owned a floral business for many years.  It was fascinating how effortlessly she combined cut flowers with fruits, vegetables and greenery. A quick trip to the grocery store, farmer's market or even your own backyard will give you everything you need to make a stunning centerpiece.

concord art phyllis brady

Any arrangement can be seasonal with a few craft store items, like frosted pinecones for winter or a fake bird for spring. Phyllis created four different arrangements using floral foam inside a variety of containers - a ceramic tureen, a glass vase, a faux tree trunk, and a stone bowl. She graciously donated her arrangements for our prize drawing - these were the lucky winners!

concord art association members
From left:  Pat Calabro, Renaye Johnson, Sylvia Nuzzo Philis, Sharon Petersen


Member art on display at Selway Fitness Studio

Row 1: Cathy McNutt;  Row 2: Laurie Mansur, Farhana Naqvi, John Nicolini

Our November member show from the aRt Cottage has been extended and moved for the month of December to a new business that just opened in Pleasant Hill - Selway Fitness Studio. 

Selway Fitness (2647 Pleasant Hill Road) specializes in exercise programs, yoga, personal training and nutrition counseling for women aged 40+. Hours of operation are varied, based on classes and individual appointments, but they are generally closed daily between 1-4pm. So mornings, early evenings and weekends are best for viewing the show. Feel free to call first 925-550-0603 to inquire before you stop by.


The Art of Floral Arranging demo - join us!

phyllis brady artistic floral arranging concord art association

Join us on Tuesday, December 13th at the Concord Library (1-3pm) for our monthly member meeting - the public is also welcome. Holiday treats and refreshments will be served.

artistic floral arranging phyllis brady concord art association

CAA member Phyllis Brady will demonstrate new artistic ideas and techniques for arranging both familiar and not so familiar varieties of flowers. Perfect timing for holiday centerpieces - and bonus - we will raffle off her final arrangements as a little fundraiser for CAA's gallery fund. You might win and take home a beautiful addition to your dining table!

Phyllis Brady

Phyllis comes from a family of artists and gardeners. With a BA in drawing and painting, she approaches floral design from an art school background. She has worked with flowers for over 30 years, sharing her love of color by creating arrangements for wineries, estates and country clubs. If you have ever attended the annual Bouquets to Art exhibit at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco in the past, you may have seen her floral exhibits there, as she participated in this event for nine years.

concord art association artistic floral arranging phyllis brady

Below are the four arrangements she will show us how to make:

Holiday Classic Wreath - fresh flowers, holiday foliage, branches, pods and found materials.

Freshly-Picked Centerpiece - a vase filled jewel-toned flowers, fruits and vegetables

Purple Passion - layers of foliage and flowers in all shades of purple with a few surprise accents

Enduring Elegance - flowers and foliage in soft muted tones for a holiday party


November Mini Art Show

concord art association cathy mcnutt
1st place:  Bodie by Cathy McNutt

concord art association betty mcbride
2nd place:  Catch the Fall by Betty McBride

concord art association mary frances crabtree
3rd place:  Cornelius the Dwarf Goat by Mary Frances Crabtree

Watercolor techniques with Michael Reardon

concord art association michael reardon watercolor demo

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Michael paint at our November meeting. His paintings have a lovely, washed-back mistiness that draw you into the scene and highlight the transparent beauty of watercolor on textured paper. Michael walked us through his process of starting with a sketch, laying down background colors with designated white space, then painting each area (foreground, middle ground, focal point) with colors that he often blends right on the paper with constant flicking of his brush. He also showed us how he paints on a tilted easel to create controlled washes of color with the watercolor bead. We got lots of great tips from him - it was fascinating!


Artist Reception for our Fall Member Show at the aRt Cottage

concord art association

Today was our opening Artist Reception for our Fall Member Show at the aRt Cottage - it runs through the month of November.  It was a beautiful sunny day, so people lingered outside in the flower garden, eating treats and sipping wine after exploring the gallery. 

We have 21 CAA members showing their artwork in this show - more than 50 pieces total. Everything from abstract to figurative, watercolor to mixed media, traditional to modern - there is something for everyone!

Don't miss seeing work from these talented artists:
  • Ambrozya Dae 
  • Anamilena Ayala 
  • Barbara Anderson 
  • Bev Haggerty 
  • Caitlynn Awand 
  • Cathy McNutt  
  • Farhana Naqvi 
  • John Nicolini
  • Kathy Robinson 
  • Laurie Mansur 
  • Lisa Fulmer 
  • Lupe Jimeno 
  • Manon Jodoin 
  • Michelle Cicala 
  • Monica R Meza 
  • Pat Calabro 
  • Pat Strout 
  • Rachel Wampler 
  • Ruth McMillin 
  • Sandra Leonard 
  • Sylvia Nuzzo Philis 


November meeting with Michael Reardon

The Domes of San Marco
Toscana 16 and The Domes of San Marco 

Our guest artist for our November meeting is an award-winning watercolor artist, Michael Reardon, who will share some of his favorite watercolor painting tips and techniques. Join us on Tuesday, November 8th (1-3pm) at the Concord Library. The meeting is free and open to the public.

As described in his bio on his website, "Michael uses watercolor to record his observations, convey a sense of place and light, and communicate his impressions of the built, the natural, and the imagined worlds."

Berkeley Marina
Berkeley Marina

When he's not painting in his Oakland studio, he exhibits and teaches all around the world. You can even join him for a painting excursion in the Provence region of France in September 2017.

michael reardon artist
Over the Ridge and After the Rain

We'll be raffling off a signed copy of his new Watercolor Techniques book at the meeting - tickets are just $1 each, which benefit CAA programs. If you don't win, don't worry - you can buy your own signed copy from him at the meeting!

michael reardon artist


Member art show at the aRt Cottage in November

concord art association ruth mcmillin
Ruth McMillin
Over 20 of our member artists are coming together to display their latest work at our final art show of the year at the aRt Cottage in Concord. The CAA Member Art Show will run from November 1-25. 

concord art association michelle cicala
Michelle Cicala

Join us for the Artist Reception on Saturday, November 5th from 2-4pm. Here's a sneak peek of just some of the 50+ works of art in this exhibit.

concord art association anamilena ayala
Anamilena Ayala

concord art association pat calabro
Pat Calabro

concord art association cathy mcnutt
Cathy McNutt

concord art association monica meza
Monica Meza

concord art association farhana naqvi
Farhana Naqvi