Saturday, July 27, 2019-Guest Artist Nancy Roberts

GUEST ARTIST: Nancy Roberts
Demo topic:  Plein Air

SATURDAY, July 27, 2019
1:30-3:30pm at the Concord Library
Public is welcome!

Bay Area artist Nancy Roberts is known for her bold use of color, dynamic design and inventive, slightly quirky style.  She loves working from life but thinks of reality as just a jumping-off point.
"I start by paring a thing down to its essence," she says, "then respond to its spirit with energized color and pattern." She enjoys letting a painting unfold with a life of its own, taking unexpected twists and turns and revealing hidden secrets with its own language.  Her crisp lines and joyful color put a fresh new spin on the landscape tradition.

Please arrive 15 minutes early if you plan to enter work in the Mini Art Show. Bring a buck or two for our prize drawing if you want a chance to win - we have some great prizes this month!

Save the date for our next meeting on Saturday, August 24th with a guest artist to be named later.   Visit our Events calendar for our full schedule for the year.

June Mini Art Show

1st Place-Alcohol Ink by Sharon Petersen

1st Place-I'll be Seeing You by Betty McBride

3rd Place-Across the Bay by June Vega

2nd Place-Reflections by Barbara Paul

My Little Red Wagon by Barbara Nebeker
Charity by Eduardo Criado

Monument Crisis Center Art Classes

Meet Your Board Members!-June 2019 Monthly Spotlight

First up, Renaye Johnson, who not only serves as an officer and Recording Secretary of the Board, but also co-chairs the Rotating Gallery with member Kim Lawson, serves on the Utility Box committee, served as co-chair with Sharon Petersen of CAA's 2018 show and both 2019 shows. She was a part of the team that reviewed the pile of documents required for CAA's application for 501(c)3 status. Renaye also volunteers for pretty much any project that comes up including this week's art camp at Monument Crisis Center. While doing all of this Renaye manages her time so that she can create some amazing artwork.

And of course, no organization can survive without a money person. Sharon Petersen is another officer of the Board and Treasurer of the Association. Her job probably requires more detail than any other on the Board as she manages the finances of CAA reliably and efficiently. Sharon served as co-chair of both the 2018 San Ramon show and both shows at aRt Cottage this year. Sharon also was a key player in the convoluted process that enabled CAA to finally obtain 501(c)3 status. We would not have a raffle at member meetings without Sharon...she totes items to the meetings and manages the donations for tickets. Like Renaye, Sharon somehow manages to find the hours to create beautiful art.

July Plein Air Pix and Plans for August Plein Air

To see pictures of the fun Plein Air event at Todos Santos Farmer's Market, click below:

Get ready for next month

A fun 4th of July for Concord Art Association and the Concord Parade

A great time was had by all at the Concord 4th of July Parade.  Concord Art Association members, lead by Lynda Weir's sunflower and FRO's art car, evoked Vincent Van Gogh. 

Rotating Art Gallery-An opportunity for CAA members to display their art.

Welcome to the Concord Art Association! We are excited to have you as a member.

Renaye Johnson and Kim Lawson handle the art rotation for the organization. Every quarter, our artists move their works to a new location. It's a great way to show your art at different venues. Click this link to see the Rotation Schedule

What kind of art do you create? Do you have a website? What is your phone number? 

We have openings in the rotation this quarter if you would like to jump in.  Send your reply to Concord Art Association