Meet Your Board Members!-June 2019 Monthly Spotlight

First up, Renaye Johnson, who not only serves as an officer and Recording Secretary of the Board, but also co-chairs the Rotating Gallery with member Kim Lawson, serves on the Utility Box committee, served as co-chair with Sharon Petersen of CAA's 2018 show and both 2019 shows. She was a part of the team that reviewed the pile of documents required for CAA's application for 501(c)3 status. Renaye also volunteers for pretty much any project that comes up including this week's art camp at Monument Crisis Center. While doing all of this Renaye manages her time so that she can create some amazing artwork.

And of course, no organization can survive without a money person. Sharon Petersen is another officer of the Board and Treasurer of the Association. Her job probably requires more detail than any other on the Board as she manages the finances of CAA reliably and efficiently. Sharon served as co-chair of both the 2018 San Ramon show and both shows at aRt Cottage this year. Sharon also was a key player in the convoluted process that enabled CAA to finally obtain 501(c)3 status. We would not have a raffle at member meetings without Sharon...she totes items to the meetings and manages the donations for tickets. Like Renaye, Sharon somehow manages to find the hours to create beautiful art.