September Member Mini Art Show

1st place:  Wendy at Sea Ranch by Cathy McNutt (acrylic)

2nd place:  Untitled by Pat Calabro (acrylic)

3rd place:  Postal Service by Bobbe Anderson (acrylic)

Costa Rican Toucan by Betty McBride (watercolor)

Painting #1 by Claudia Bubeck (acrylic)

Table with a View by Annegret van Gemeren (watercolor)


Celebrating art students!

Sienna Todd
We were so happy to celebrate some very talented AP-Art students from Concord High School at our Fall Show! We displayed twelve of their works, and six members from the CAA Board of Directors selected those we thought deserved award ribbons:
  • 1st place:   Gina Dempster, Horn 
  • 2nd place:  Sienna Todd, Elephant 
  • 3rd place:  Gina Dempster, Rope & Shells 
  • People's Choice:  Gina Dempster, Horn
Over 80 people - artists and visitors - voted in our People's Choice award - and each of the 12 works got at least a couple votes.  The winner received a $25 gift card for JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store for art supplies.

Many thanks to Warren Dean and all his art students for submitting fantastic work to be part of our show - and congrats to the winners!


Fall art show

Thanks to all the artists who set up tables for our Fall Art Show & Sale - we had many wonderful visitors to see and buy our wares. Many thanks to the Concord Library for hosting our event!
Kim Lawson, Julie Limberg
Sharon Petersen, John & Edy Nicolini

Carol Husslein

Cathy Hanson
Liz Roberts
Mary Frances Crabtree, Jim Isham
Sandi Sherwood
Pat Strout

Carolyn Oliver

Ambrozya Dae
Deena & Donna, Caitlynn Awand, Mimi Mayorga

And there were so many PRIZES! Over a dozen of our members generously donated artwork for our raffle. Each visitor got one free ticket, which they could drop in a cup beside whatever piece they wanted to win. All the prizewinners were delighted!


A unique way to paint a portrait

Our guest artist this month was Pam McCauley - she shared her creative and unpredictably cool way of painting a portrait with oils and a palette knife. 

She substitutes various colors for values - she starts with a light sketch of her subject, then applies the dark shades first, followed by medium and light shades. 

Once all the colors were in, she surprised us by quickly swiping the edge of her knife down the painting, across the top to the right, then midway down and across to the left, which smudged the colors a bit and added these terrific streaks across the face. The subject almost seems as if she is behind a pane of glass. 

Pam's final step is to use a brush to blend some of the lines between colors to create more cohesion. Her demo was definitely a crowdpleaser!


September guest artist - Pam McCauley

Join us for our member meeting on Tuesday, September 13th at the Concord Library (1-3pm). We are excited to have Pam McCauley as our guest artist - she'll be sharing her current method of painting portraits, using oils and a palette knife. She starts with thin darks, builds to the medium tones, then ends by adding thick highlights. Along the way she uses the palette knife for scraping and blending - you never know where it will all end up - and that's the fun of it!

Pam grew up in a family of painters; her mother painted into her 90's. She attended Occidental College and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and a teaching credential. She taught high school art in Los Angeles until she started a family with husband, Tom. Twelve years ago she got back to painting and hasn't stopped since.

Recently Pam became joint owner of Main Street Arts in Martinez. Her work is also currently on display at Floral Arts Florist and Robert Jenson Salon, both in Lafayette. She is a member of the Martinez Art Association, California Watercolor Association, and she serves as vice-president of exhibitions for the Lamorinda Arts Alliance. Her work has been shown throughout the East Bay and recently she was a guest speaker for the Pinole Artisans.

Pam works primarily in watercolor and oils. She claims to be an unabashed colorist who sees color as value. Still-life and figures are her primary focus, although she has joined a plein air group. Her favorite quotes are:
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso 
"Not painting is not an option." - Debra Huse