Fall art show

Thanks to all the artists who set up tables for our Fall Art Show & Sale - we had many wonderful visitors to see and buy our wares. Many thanks to the Concord Library for hosting our event!
Kim Lawson, Julie Limberg
Sharon Petersen, John & Edy Nicolini

Carol Husslein

Cathy Hanson
Liz Roberts
Mary Frances Crabtree, Jim Isham
Sandi Sherwood
Pat Strout

Carolyn Oliver

Ambrozya Dae
Deena & Donna, Caitlynn Awand, Mimi Mayorga

And there were so many PRIZES! Over a dozen of our members generously donated artwork for our raffle. Each visitor got one free ticket, which they could drop in a cup beside whatever piece they wanted to win. All the prizewinners were delighted!