Guest artist for March - Barbara Bornet Stumph

Barbara in Kona, Hawaii
Barbara Bornet Stumph will share her insights into Chinese ink painting on rice paper at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 8th from 1-3pm at the Concord Library.

The public is welcome - and you can bring a sketch book to learn how to draw a Chinese character for your next art project.

Barbara's recent trips to China shed new light on the unique characteristics of rice paper.

She used Chinese ink on rice paper to create her landscape below. This scene is a traditional subject of art which incorporates the words for mountains and water in the Chinese characters.

Her calligraphy shown below is a couplet (classical poem) from a text created by a Chinese emperor who planned for his Imperial tutor to teach his only daughter how to write classical Chinese calligraphy. Strong, balanced, and harmonious handwriting in China is a sign of moral character. This couplet talks about the beginning of the earth by contrasting opposites - dark and light, shadows and sunlight.