Meeting Saturday August 24-Create Art at the August 24th Meeting!

Be another Kandinsky

Explore your creativity and loosen up your artistic techniques as Sharon Petersen and Catherine Hensiek lead you through a fun and easy project using acrylic paint on paper. CAA will supply materials but we do ask that you bring two brushes and some mark making tools as well as a container for water.
Brushes-1/2" to 3” flat and a size 10-14 round both suitable for acrylic paint
Mark making tools-old credit card, plastic or bamboo fork, comb, stylus, sponge, scrap of bubble wrap, stencil...anything that can be used to make a mark in wet paint. Your choice!
If you don’t like getting paint on your hands, please bring plastic gloves!

We'll start off the meeting at 1:30 with a discussion of some exciting ideas for our next art show. If you signed the show of interest for the art show, you don't want to miss this portion of the meeting. This will be an opportunity for all members to share their own ideas about the show.

As usual, we'll meet at the Concord Library. Meeting is on Saturday again this month!