April 2020 Meeting Invitation

zoom meeting
Come on and Zoom with us!

Dear Members:

We’ll be hosting the April 14th meeting on Zoom. In order to make the meeting as secure as possible we are requesting anyone who wants to attend to email concordartassociation@yahoo.com by 7pm on Monday, April 13th.

Those who RSVP will receive a meeting invitation on Tuesday morning by noon. For the full experience, you’ll need access to some sort of device with a camera and microphone such as:

Cell Phone

You’ll see a link for the meeting in the invitation. Click on that and enter the password and you’ll be in the virtual waiting room until the meeting starts.

We know many of our members are already attending Zoom meetings, but this will be new for some of you. Patience is the key. We’ll do all we can to help you participate in this meeting. Going forward we expect at least our May meeting to be on Zoom.

Have a wonderful weekend! Make art! Send in your images!

Best wishes from, 
Your Board of Directors
Catherine Hensiek
Pat Calabro
Sharon Petersen
Renaye Johnson
Patti St Denis
Pat McDermont
Susan Pace-Koch
Samineh Perryman