What we learned from Samineh Perryman

Lisa Fulmer

We love providing new opportunities for artists, and in the past several months we've been working on embracing all things virtual. Online demonstrations, Zoom meetings, workshops on Facebook Live or Google Classroom... it can all feel a bit overwhelming. But we're here to support you and we want to encourage lots of our members to try conducting an online demo. We each have something worthy to share and it's so wonderful to bring creativity and positivity to others.

Samineh Perryman (top left) with fellow CAA members

For CAA Board Member Samineh's first try with a Zoom demo, she knocked it out of the park! She shared a basic drawing exercise that can help you build an abstract piece of art. 

Step by step, we drew a series of lines wherever we wanted on the page - straight, then diagonal, then curved. Next we drew different size circles, then we doodled inside the circles. It was both relaxing and revealing - each of our sketches was  unique and the exercise uncovered unexpected concepts for color and composition. 

Visit our Meetings & Events calendar and join us for our next meeting or class - feel free to contact anyone on the board if you'd like a one-on-one practice session with using Zoom or other video platforms.