Kid's art with Wren Avenue Elementary School

Project sample inspired by the work of Helen Hardin

We are so happy to be working with Wren Avenue Elementary again this year! Last year we focused on making crafts and DIY gifts. This year we have selected a group of contemporary American BIPOC artists whose work will provide inspiration for monthly art projects. Scroll down to watch the latest replays for the kids in your life to enjoy!

By Helen Hardin

April instructor:  John Nakanishi
John teaches about Native American artist, Helen Hardin, using her reference art to create a paper collage accented with crayon coloring.

Student work

Watch the April class replay here:


March:  Flower Vendor
Inspired by the work of Diego Rivera
Instructor:  Thea Jue

The Flower Vendor by Diego Rivera

Class demo project sample

Watch the March replay here:


February:  Cityscape drawing
Inspired by the work of Beauford Delaney
Instructor:  Lisa Fulmer

Class demo sample

By Beauford Delaney

Watch the February replay here:


January:  Paper collage
Inspired by the work of Gwendolyn Ann Magee
Instructor:  Lisa Fulmer
Click here to download a PDF of singers to trace or cut out

Class demo sample

By Gwendolyn Ann Magee

Watch the January class replay here:


Coming up soon:

May:  Inspired by Tiffany Chung
Instructor:  Samineh Perryman