November meeting with David Savellano

David Savellano shared his plein air painting techniques and shortcuts to finish a scenic watercolor painting in just 1-2 hours.

He starts with a value study then moves to a sketch, then to large, sweeping strokes of color in the larger areas like the sky and sea, and more quick flicks of paint for trees in the distance. He talked about the value of adding people to your vista - they bring so much life into a simple landscape. He tapes out areas for people's clothing so he can easily wash over them as needed for the background, then when he removes the tape, he's left with white paper for better color when he goes back in to add more details to each person. Enjoy these pictures of his progress during his demo.

Be sure to check out his art retreat to Italy in June - travel sketching and plein air painting at its finest!

Finished work - "Beach Walkers"

A well-loved palette!