Judy Visscher - May guest artist

judi visscher concord art association

How does an artist find motivation? Judi had not painted for a while and was in a slump. Then while watching HGTV, new ideas and inspiration came to her.

Modern, bright colors, not photo-realistic, analogous colors, different from the norm...and that did it! She jumpstarted her painting again.

For her demo, Judi used bristol paper and put all kinds of materials on top to create interesting shapes, like washers, grates, netting and fabric scraps. Then she chose three analogous acrylic colors and diluted the paint with water in small cups. You can use any water-based paint or ink - watercolor, tempera, gouache or even latex house paint – it just has to be able to dilute with water.

She poured the diluted paint over the materials on the paper and used a spray bottle with mist and disperse excess paint. She covers the work with a sheet of plexi and leaves it out in the sun to dry and a creative background is born!

She uses leaves or other objects to stamp imagery on top. Judi also demonstrated how to visually crop your work with a mat to determine how you wanted to frame it.

concord art association

Award-winning watercolorist Judi Visscher developed a love for art at an early age. Growing up in a house full of artists and having Millard Sheets, Father of Western Watercolor, as her neighbor, encouraged her to cultivate her appreciation of a variety of art forms. In so doing, she has been developing her own skill over a lifetime.

judi visscher concord art association

Upon retiring from a 35 year career as an elementary school teacher, Judi opted to spend her time focusing on the joy of creative expression.  She began immersing herself in art classes and workshops, and painting prolifically. After exploring numerous media, the challenge of watercolor became her passion.

She received a fine arts certificate from MDUSD after studying with Patricia Strout and Mark Jezierny. She also studied with Barbara Brubaker, Mary Lou Sawyer, Sandy Delehanty, Terry Madden, Tom Lynch, Kim Wong and most recently Leslie Wilson.

She is a member of California Watercolor Association, Concord Art Association and Las Juntas Artists. She is also currently serving as president of Las Juntas Artists sponsored by the Pleasant Hill Park and Recreation District.

Her hope is that her work will be enjoyed as a personal expression of beauty wherever it is displayed.