Plein air painting at Lime Ridge

concord art association plein air painting
Annegret van Gemeren

It was a lovely day for a group of artists to make a short trek to the perfect spot for plein air painting. After much-needed rainfall here in Northern California, Lime Ridge Open Space was simply gorgeous. Coyote pups were frolicking, raccoons and squirrels were scampering, birds were singing and wildflowers were blooming. Every leaf on every tree was shining in the breeze after having all the dust and debris washed away in the weekend storm. The sky couldn't have been more blue; the hills couldn't have been more green. 

Mary Frances Crabtree

We go to beautiful places like this all over the Bay Area each month, from March to October. If you have a day job, it's totally worth taking a vacation day (or a sick day, shhhh...we won't tell) to join us. And even if you're not sure whether plein air painting is for you, bring your camera and a journal and come anyway. It's relaxing and peaceful - nothing better than a day spent being inspired by nature. Visit us on Facebook to see more pictures and video!

June Vega

Cathy McNutt and her model man

Even in the shade, Carol Husslein's palette is bright and colorful

concord art association plein air painting
Everyone made great progress on their paintings in just a couple hours