We sketched our cake and ate it, too!

Marie sketched her fruit tart in triplicate

Our first Sketch Night was lots of fun - we met at Bonjour Bakery to sketch (and eat) some delectable pastries and desserts.

Clockwise from left - Uni, Marie, Cathy, Bob, Mary Frances, Lynn, Paul

There was plenty of space and the bakery was happy to have us. Lisa took this picture of the group...her brother Paul joined us too, but he was more interested in watching his iPad than drawing. :-)

Cathy's chocolate bonbons and bear claw draw

Mary Frances used a cool white on black technique

Lynn's cake slice is berry, berry nice

Uni went the charcoal route for cappuccino and tiramisu

Marie was kind enough to wait to eat her fruit tart so Uni could sketch a burst of it