"New Works" - March Member Art Show

sharon petersen concord art association bouquet
Bouquet by Sharon Petersen
New Works 
At the aRt Cottage

Enjoy a wide variety of styles and mediums
from 20+ CAA members - don't miss this show!

March 6-30, 2018

Saturday, March 10th  1-4pm
Music, wine and refreshments

janet brown concord art association
By Janet Brown
Participating artists in this month's show include:

Alex Savakis
Amy Eikner
Carissa Fei
Denise Hillman
Jane Russell
Janet Brown
Janice Davis
Laurie Mansur
Lee Von Rackel
Leonardo ibarra
Lisa Fulmer
Lois Willhite
Lou Ann styles
Monica Meza
Pam McCauley
Patricia Calabro
Raquel Amaral
Renaye Johnson
Sandra Leonard
Sharon Petersen
Tom Quinlavin