August Mini Art Show

laurie mansur
Dream by Laurie Mansur  (mixed media)

Sharon Petersen
Sharon Petersen  (mixed media collage)

Deena Sheranko
Save the Beers by Deena Sheranko  (watercolor/pen and ink)

Pat Viera
Mask by Pat Viera  (painted paper collage)

Alex Savakis
Voted, Arrested, Convicted, Tried by Alex Savakis  (digital)

Carissa Fei
Deep River 2 by Carissa Fei  (digital)

Holy Derivation by Kees van Prooijen
Holy Derivation by Kees van Prooijen  (digital)

barbara bornet stumph
Snowy Egret at Dawn by Barbara Bornet Stumph  (Chinese ink/watercolor)

lisa fulmer
Foothills by Lisa Fulmer  (acrylic/palette knife)

Samineh Perryman
Welcome Baby by Samineh Perryman  (assemblage)

John Nakanishi
Burning Bush by John Nakanishi  (acrylic)

Pat Calabro
At the Crossing by Pat Calabro  (digital/mixed media)

Catherine Hensiek
Something New by Catherine Hensiek  (digital)

Rosa Fallon
Los Osos by Rosa Fallon  (photography)