Kids' Art at Monument Crisis Center

CAA is proud to support the Monument Crisis Center by offering free online art classes for their kids and families in December and January. Read more about it in this recent article in the Concord/Clayton Pioneer News.

CAA members Samineh Perryman, Thea Jue and John Nakanishi have volunteered to teach classes like rock painting and line drawing exercises. "I am honored to be a member of CAA and be part of this program to bring art to youth," says Samineh.

"I have enjoyed working with the middle school kids at Monument Crisis Center - I found the experience fun and fulfilling. The kids are very enthusiastic about creating artwork and some of the work I've seen is amazing. There are some talented kids in their program," says John. "I am very happy that CAA is engaged in the community and working to reach children with art. There is not enough attention paid to the arts these days in our school curriculum. Developing well-rounded individuals means supporting children not only academically, but physically through sports and aesthetically through the arts. Children learn about competition, grace and fairness through sports. They learn self-expression through art."

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